Schedule/ Urnik 2020/21

Urnik capoeira in fluid balance / Schedule capoeira and Fluid balance

Urnik capoeira in fluid balance se lahko zaradi trenutne C-19 situacije spremeni. Schedules might change due to current C-19 situation.

Vsi treningi potekajo v Ljubljani/Slovenija.

All trainings are happening in Ljubljana/Slovenia.

urnik capoeira

Vpis na treninge je možen skozi celo leto. Vodita jih Katjuša Kovačič in Nikola Orešković s pomočjo mladih mentorjev.

Trainings are open to join all year long. Lead by Katjuša Kovačič, Nikola Orešković and young mentors.

Descriptions of the program/ opisi programov

Šola za mlade super heroje- capoeira za otroke (4-7 let) in starše – opis programa

Šola za mlade super heroje- capoeira za otroke 7+ in starše – opis programa

Fluid balance- creative acrobatics classes – description of the program

Mentorship program- description of the course, starting this September.

Capoeira RODA ABERTA- description of the project; monthly open circle in the streets of Ljubljana.

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Luandae capoeira family

Do not worry if you are not from Slovenia, there are few tribes around the world working with mestre Pontape forming the Luandae capoeira family.

Amazonas is active in Croatia with many social projects and other activities.

Oxumare is active in Slovakia and Czech republic, expanding capoeira trough adult and children classes.

Arvore da Vida is active in Malaysia, working on expanding brasilian culture and other creative-movement disciplines in Asia.